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"This is how life oughta be."
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A variety of art, from fanart to original characters to photos to stories, hopefully something will float your boat :)


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Art For Me

N O I R pg 09 by Riza23 N O I R pg 09 :iconriza23:Riza23 22 3 N O I R pg 08 by Riza23 N O I R pg 08 :iconriza23:Riza23 29 8 N O I R pg 07 by Riza23 N O I R pg 07 :iconriza23:Riza23 32 6 N O I R pg 06 by Riza23 N O I R pg 06 :iconriza23:Riza23 33 8 N O I R pg 05 by Riza23 N O I R pg 05 :iconriza23:Riza23 37 2 N O I R pg 04 by Riza23 N O I R pg 04 :iconriza23:Riza23 35 2 N O I R pg 03 by Riza23 N O I R pg 03 :iconriza23:Riza23 35 2 N O I R pg 02 by Riza23 N O I R pg 02 :iconriza23:Riza23 29 10 N O I R pg 01 by Riza23 N O I R pg 01 :iconriza23:Riza23 26 4 Commish - Moni's Soft Spot by Harseik Commish - Moni's Soft Spot :iconharseik:Harseik 328 23 Commish - Ripper Monitor by Harseik Commish - Ripper Monitor :iconharseik:Harseik 126 11 Survey Sketches by Yokoboo Survey Sketches :iconyokoboo:Yokoboo 41 5 Thunderherd Transport's #1 Bison Handler(HBD!!) by JM-Henry Thunderherd Transport's #1 Bison Handler(HBD!!) :iconjm-henry:JM-Henry 3 3 Happy Colette by mayshing Happy Colette :iconmayshing:mayshing 80 10 Happy Birthday! -- Ritsa by DaughterInumi Happy Birthday! -- Ritsa :icondaughterinumi:DaughterInumi 4 3 AR - Guiled-Dragon - Acacia by Yokoboo AR - Guiled-Dragon - Acacia :iconyokoboo:Yokoboo 26 3
Lovely things people have drawn for me, whether a commission or random fanart.... I LURV THEIR ARTS!! :heart: :heart: :glomp: :iconimhappyplz:


To Do List


:iconcopenplz: / :iconpcnopenplz:

Motivation/To Do List

:bulletblue: Do mimic style assignment from mayshing (… and…)
:bulletpurple: Work on rest of Character Alphabet (E-Z)
:bulletred: Write!!
--Kibou Hoshi, Ryo and Gang, PRISM, etc.


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United States
Hello!! I am an enthusiastic some-what energetic 20-something year old who is crazy about art and writing! I graduated with a BAS in Animation & Visual Effects! My passion lies in illustration, film and writing (mainly being a colorist!!)

My favorite color is purple and the combinations of turquoise & purple as well as red & purple.

E-Depth Angel Stamp by CinnaMonroe E-DA: None Shall Rise Stamp by CinnaMonroe I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh Points Please Stamp by izka197 ->…

13 Questions

Sun Apr 23, 2017, 11:05 PM
I got tagged by Hark, Harseik, to do the 13 Questions challenge! You can see her's here

1. Write the rules.
2. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you.
3. Make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged. Don't just say "You're tagged if you read this".
5. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

1. What was the last picture you took with your phone? Link?

How Pokemon Go added visual differences to certain Pokemon and others not so much... but then for Wobbuffet it's so uncreative and unsightly... just....
PkmGO Wob-fem by CinnaMonroe
They put LIPSTICK on the female.

2. What is your perfect pizza?

Ohohohoo.... Thick crust that is light and fluffy but still has the right amount of crunch on the outside, not burned underneath, with cheese done right not overcooked but nice a gooey but not super, covered by various meat (ground beef, Canadian bacon, pepperoni/salami) and veggies like olives, bell peppers, red onions, olives..... This is the second time I've wanted pizza within a short period of time. If any one visits me in my area I'll treat you to the pizza I'm talking about.

3. If you could've personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen?

Oooh there are so many amazing historical events that have unfolded without pictures or proper documentation.... One that comes to mind is the first World's Fair, The Great Exhibition in 1851. All the amazing things they had on display there must have breathtaking at the time and probably still marvel worthy today! I love history and creation/artsy things. Though honestly if we want to talk about fiction... if I could witness the creation of Narnia in The Magician's Nephew that would have been something (given it's based on the actual Creation, which would have been amazing to witness too).

4. What question do you hate to answer?

"Did you draw that!?" It's partly rhetorical but also genuine and it just drives me up the wall because WHY ASK and namely when it comes from my family. My mom says it out of curiosity/exclamation and also being blown away at what I do but it's just annoying because I find it partly insulting. But that's just my temperamental sensitive butt being cranky. Also the "How's the job search going" which I think is mutual for many of our generation.

5. What is the habit you are most proud of breaking, or wanting to break?

I have a bad habit of mumbling or talking too fast which isn't good when you do voice acting or a lot of speaking. I'm trying to be more conscious about it and slow it down and pronounce things more clearly but it's a 20+ year habit and I get lazy when I talk so I mumble or blend words together due to talking fast. So going to break that one day!

6. What's your favorite holiday, and why?

Christmas I think and not for the whole "I get multiple gifts, hehehe" I like it because of the time you get off to spend with friends and family, and the reason for the season (I'm talking about actual CHRISTmas) and just the smell of pine/evergreens when you have a live tree in your house. I don't live in an area where it's obviously 'wintertime' with snow and such, it just gets cold and rainy. Also Christmas dinner/lunch is always enjoyable ;D Otherwise Halloween is close because candy and also some of the costumes are really cute and cool!

7. What do you think is the greatest invention of all time?

Well so many inventions pivotal to women's hygiene and health is a big stepping stone which I think they're ALL the greatest inventions, like pads and birth control. Vaccines in general that prevent so many deaths that took babies and older people, like polio, scarlet fever and others. (don't talk to me conspiracies about that, especially when anyone who has gotten a vaccine for any disease doesn't die by contracting the actual disease).

8. What was your favorite toy (or series of toys) growing up?

Hmm... anything that was animals so like animal figures from Barbie or like horse figures, stuffed animals... I didn't really hyper-focus on one toy in particular. THOUGH, I didn't own them but a neighbor did, I thought the Pegasus/unicorn figures from Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders (known outside of the states as "Princess Starla") were the best things EVER (Moondance and Sunstar). They're still so pretty and fun looking I remember wanting them so badly as a kid. I mean look this, Moondance, it's one of my favorite color schemes and plus she's so cool:  photo 100_2241.jpg

9. Using one word, how would you describe your family?

Loving, my family is very tolerate and patient with my various antics and dreams. In their love they are very nurturing and supportive and want the best for me, and push me to be a proper adult but don't beat me over the head with stuff.

10. What conspiracy theory do you think is most credible (or most interesting)?

I'm so out of touch with conspiracies I only know ones like "Area 51" and "Faked Moon Landing"... though I guess the conspiracy theory (now proven I think?) is who popped JFK off was the mafia due to the family making their money during the Prohibition and having mob ties. The reason why they went after him was because he cracked down on the mob, double-crossing them, and not long after he started the crack down he was sniped.

11. What's your favorite movie quote?

Oh man I have so many I remember randomly, but one I'm particularly fond of:
Your small minds are musclebound with suspicion. That's because the only exercise you ever get is jumping to conclusions." -The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947)

12. Who was your worst teacher, and why?

Ooooh man... Well I had one P.E. teacher who was more like a drill sergeant and he would scream at us and always have this intense look on his face. Given this was in 5th grade but he did P.E. from 5th-HS I believe. Anyways he thought we were all sass-pants or something and wouldn't take it easy on us like heaven forbid we actually have fun, we weren't even really crazy. WELL one time one of my sister's classmates was having cramps or something/having a bad day and needed a break and he screamed at her to get her butt moving/suck it up (CLASSIC thing he said) or something along those lines and my sister, in the 8th grade, basically told him to be nicer/he didn't have to yell and so he gave her detention for talking back to him. Thankfully to say the next year I got a new SUPER NICE PE teacher I LOVED to death and he was my PE teacher through HS graduation; he was the complete opposite and he's one of my favorite teachers.
Otherwise worse teacher I had in scaring the pants off me and stressing me out was a professor in college. My other classmates had no problem with him pretty much, but he was so abrasive and cynical plus tough on grading I was afraid I wouldn't pass and this course was EXPENSIVE. (He started us all at a 'C' and we had to raise our grade, if you got a 68 or below you failed). So yeah that class gave me insomnia and a sleeping disorder for 2+ months and I lost like 15 pounds and sleep for that long. I was able to pass the class but I just don't do good with that type of teaching, given he taught good things he just was so tough grading and held me at a higher standard than I was capable of at the time (His remark: "You've been attending this college for a year now, you should be able to render this EASILY!" But I skipped a few classes due to my testing out so I'd only been at that college for like 5 months...) So yeah, bad teacher relationship wise (he did help me personally a few times) but he did teach good pointers, I just had a hard time replicating/remembering (given this was over a 8 week course).

13. Which of the Seven Dwarfs is most like you?

I guess "Doc" because he does malapropisms which I tend to do due to my dyslexia and I do try to maintain some type of order though I'm not the leadertype. Otherwise I guess a close second with "Bashful" since I can be really shy and quiet, fumbling over my words and then just go quiet but I'm known to be really sweet at times.

:iconjm-henry: :iconmayshing: :icondaughterinumi: :iconkenyu05kr: :iconmarazure: :iconchai--latte: :iconcatknap: :iconfennfeatherdragon: :icontalec: :iconnahamut:
And anyone else who wants to do this because I'm a loser who doesn't have 13 close friends on this site

1. Your choice of communication: text/email, phone or face to face/video chat?
2. Your favorite animal (real and mythological)?
3. What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you achieve that dream/did it stay the same?
4. If you could have any movie/tv character (cartoons included) come to life, who would you choose?
5. First book series/earliest book you remember clearly reading?
6. Most impactful tv series you watched as a kid?
7. What's your favorite season and why?
8. First video game you ever played, computer or console?
9. Have you ever met anyone from dA in real life or any other internet friends/celebs?
10. Funniest thing you've witnessed?
11. Outside of art/writing, what other hobbies do you like to do?
12. What's your personality type? (Quiz: | Type Profiles: )
13. If you could faithfully adapt any book/comic/cartoon into a movie or tv series (cartoon or live action) which would it be? Or remake an existing film/series?

Money n Coins PayPal bullet Also I've got commissions going on:
Commissions Open - Vet FundsMy commissions are open indefinitely for now due to various living expenses and always needing a bit of extra cash. I actually probably need to take my cat into the vet's really soon for a check-up and to get some shots. He's been sneezing here and there, which isn't a good sign. And vet bills cost a lot for even a simple routine checkup (plus we've been battling a flea problem for years between the drought and him being an outdoor cat).
Until I get a proper image sheet to show what I offer here's a list:
Bullet; Purple Icons/Avatar Commission
~Pixel Heads: all 50x50px, made via pixels with a limited color scheme and shading.
*Price: $7 (one mouth expression, no blinking) [+$2 for each special additions/ more than two expression changes (ex: smirk to smile to frown+blinking, moving head, special element (music notes, question mark, (...), sleepy z's)]

Considering a commission? (Leave a comment w/ feedback!) 

3 deviants said No (no money/interest)
2 deviants said Hm... Maybe... (waiting on money/maybe if it were point commissions)
1 deviant said Yep!


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